Freelance Sound Engineer in Devon

Pure Freelance Sound Engineering

I can work as freelance sound engineer (i.e. without my own sound equipment). I’ve been hired by some of the sound companies on my local list. In this capacity I’ve engineered festival music stages, 5k race start lines for national charities, and literary festival venues.

Like most freelance engineers, I’m still going to bring my gig case with a few spare leads and problem-solving widgets.

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Freelance + Some Kit

I also work in a capacity where, as well as engineering, I’ll make up a gap in your inventory, without providing a full PA service. This could be things like extra speakers, extra cabling, or band mics.

This is useful for function bands who want to scale up certain gigs and don’t own enough equipment. Another likely scenario is production companies with multiple jobs on a busy weekend, so the warehouse doesn’t have enough complete rigs.

Sound Subcontracting

I can take on the entire gig tech provision for you, where it makes more sense, rather than providing just the engineering labour.

I might suggest this instead of using your oldest and most battered gear, if that’s all that’s left available that day! Sometimes it’s also the least-hassle way to get a job covered, even if it costs a bit more.