Kit List

Here is the equipment I use for my sound, lighting and AV work. It’s listed here for geeks and project collaborators! You may like to see my services page instead.

Sound Equipment

Active Speakers

Passive Speakers and Amps

Mixing & Stage Boxes

DIs and Interfaces

USB Interfaces

Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Radio Microphones

Channel 38/band GB (606-648MHz):

  • 4x Sennheiser SKM100-835 G3 handheld radio microphones
  • 3x Sennheiser SKM500-935 G4 handheld, with MMD-935 capsules
  • 1x MMD-865 capsule (all capsules interchangeable)
  • 4x Sennheiser SK100 G3 beltpacks with headset and lavalier mics
  • 9x Sennheiser EM100 G3 receivers, racked in fours, with an antenna distribution amp


Wired Microphones

Mic Stands and Cables

All my XLR mic cabling is Van Damme cable with Neutrik connectors. I probably have around 300m total, with plenty at 6m and 10m lengths.

  • 2x Telescopic short boom stands
  • 4x Fixed short boom stands
  • 14x Standard height boom mic stands
  • 2x Heavy desk stands
  • 5x Heavy XLR desk bases (1 switched)

Battery and Waterproof PA

Lighting Equipment

It’s an LED-based lighting rig.

Wash Lights

6LEDJ QB1 Hex IP (battery uplighters)RGBWAUV48WY
4Chauvet Freedom H1 (battery lights)RGBAWUV10W
2Stagg LED Profile (spot)WW60W
2LEDJ Omni WA36 (stage wash)white/amber108W
4American DJ 5P Hex (stage wash)RGBWAUV60W
2American DJ 12P Hex (stage wash)RGBWAUV144W
4American DJ Ultra Hex Bar 6 (bar of 6)RGBWAUV60W
4American DJ 18P Hex IP (stage wash)RGBWAUV216WY
4QTX HIPAR 100 (stage wash)RGBAW105WY
4QTX High Power LED PAR (stage wash)RGBW180W
1ETC ColorSource Linear 1 BattenRGBL100W

Effects Lights

4Varytec Hero Spot 60Moving head spot60WColour, rotating gobos, fixed prism
4Equinox Fusion 120 Zoom MKIIMoving head wash84WRGBW zoom
4GenericMoving wash head105WRGBW
2American DJ Inno Pocket ScanCompact dancefloor effect12WColour and gobo wheels
2American DJMoonflowersWhite


  • American DJ Entour Faze Jr (haze machine)

DMX Controllers (Lighting Desks)

  • Zero 88 FLX S24 DMX desk (48 fixtures, 1 universe, iPad monitor/remote)
  • Zero 88 Jester 12/24 DMX desk (24 channels, memory stack, 512 channel backup desk function)
  • Zero 88 Frog DMX desk (48 channel,  presets, submasters & cue stack) with monitor & keyboard
  • Generic 6-channel scene setter
  • Eurolite four channel DMX splitter
  • Futurelight WDS-G5 TX IP W-DMX transmitter (for LEDJ uplighters)
  • Chauvet D-Fi Hub Wireless DMX transceiver (for Chauvet H1)
  • Donner wireless DMX with 3 receivers
  • DMX cables (1x 20m, 1x 10m, 7x 5m, 10x 2m, 8x 1m)

Flood and Festoon Lighting

  • 4x 50W Warm white LED outdoor flood lights (16A plugs)
  • 4x 22W Neutral white LED outdoor flood lights (13A plugs)
  • 80m ConnectPro LED festoon IP65 (7 watts per each 10m)
  • 50m warm white outdoor LED festoon (44 watts per each 10m) (pics/video)

Lighting & Speaker Stands

AV Equipment


Video Capture & Processing

  • 2x Canon XA11 professional video cameras (HDMI, full HD)
  • Canon HF G26 video camera (as above, without top handle)
  • Canon Legria HF R56, R57 & M56 video cameras (HDMI, full HD)
  • Roland V-1HD HDMI video mixer/switcher (full HD)
  • Kramer 4×8 HDMI Matrix
  • Kramer VP-729 presentation switcher/scaler (HDMI, VGA, etc. + network control)
  • Kramer VP-728 presentation switcher/scaler (HDMI, VGA, etc.)
  • HDMI matrix switch (4 inputs x 2 outputs, 1080P)
  • Kramer VM-4HN 1-in, 4-out HDMI distribution amplifier
  • CYP HDMI splitters (2x two-output, 1x four-output)
  • Kramer VP-3 XL video distribution amp UXGA (1:3)
  • 2x 20m SVGA video cables
  • 4x Velbon camera tripods
  • 2x Lilliput 7″ video monitor (4k input, video assist functions)
  • 2x 10″ computer/video monitor (HDMI & analogue)
  • 2x Magewell HDMI USB encoder (for web casting)
  • Kramer HDMI extenders (using network cables)
  • HDMI leads and laptop HDMI adapters
  • iPhone/iPad HDMI video output adapter

Video Lighting

  • Neewer 58W LED panel, variable white, mains
  • 2x Neewer 40W LED light panels, variable white, battery/mains
  • 5x 10W LED light panels, white/colour, battery

Presentation Aids


  • SQ-5 & Behringer digital desks can record to USB sticks directly.
  • SQ-5 has a 32×32 USB interface
  • Tascam DR60D Mk II digital recorder


Single-phase only.

  • PCE IMST Power distro 32A in, 32A + 4x 16A out
  • 2x distro boards 16A to 6x 13A
  • 32A and 16A power leads and splitters
  • 13A adapters and distribution

Event Equipment