Live Streaming in Exeter / Devon


I can work with you to live stream your event happening in Exeter or Devon.

  • Business presentations and webinars
  • Life events where some family can’t attend
  • High quality Zoom calls, instead of hoping for the best with your laptop!

Better than DIY

I’ll bring you the following improvements, versus what you might do yourself:

  • Video lighting, for a natural look
  • High-definition Canon semi-pro video cameras, for a sharp image and correct colour
  • Multiple camera positions
  • Clear sound from professional microphones

Case Study #1 – Hilary Mantel at Sydney Writers’ Festival

I was contacted by the staff of the Sydney Writers’ Festival, as they wanted Dame Hilary Mantel to appear for a conversational session from the UK (May 2021). They used Zoom as the video calling platform. I arranged a temporary studio with lighting and a single camera. In order for Hilary to interact comfortably, a TV behind the camera carried the return video from Sydney. An adjacent speaker carried the voice feed from the compere.

IMG 1318
Empty studio before use. TV on the left behind the camera.
IMG 1324
Hilary having a pre-doors chat with the compere in Sydney
IMG 1330
The Zoom call running on my MacBook Pro
Hilary Mantel on Screen in Sydney 2021
What it looked like for the audience in Sydney. Compere bottom of frame, Hilary on a large projection screen. Pic: @emptymanauthor on Twitter

Because this talk had a large paying audience, I arranged the streaming rig to be fully redundant, i.e. any one part of it could fail and I’d be able to replace that part. I had a backup cellular internet connection on hand, too. The organisers published the audio recording.

Case Study #2 – Tech Exeter Live Stream

Tech Exeter hosted an informal ‘fireside chat’ style live stream from Kaleider Studios in Exeter.

Three Canon video cameras were used to get get different angles on the two hosts and two guests. Video lighting improved on the available light.

IMG 1483
Four people around having a discussion around the kitchen table

Each person had an AKG C391 microphone which was fed into a Behringer X Air 12 mixer with its automixer function enabled. This gives clear audio in panel discussion scenarios.

IMG 1476
Audio and video mixing

The three camera feeds were mixed in a Roland V-1HD video mixer before being fed into OBS for titling and further mixing with a feed of slides and recorded video. This in turn fed to YouTube for broadcast.

Case Study #3 – Tech Exeter Online Conference

See my post on the streaming setup for the Tech Exeter conference.

Case Study #4 – Christmas Get-Together for Dispersed Staff

This live stream had staff in the room and remote staff on a Microsoft Teams meeting. A bit of careful audio and video handling and everyone can see and hear each other.

IMG 3675 2

Stream Your Event

Talk to me about streaming your event from Exeter or Devon. I’ll talk through what it would involve, and explain the practicalities.