Minimum and Maximum Event Sizes

Related to the sound and light services I offer, here are the scale of events I can cover, with focus on sound reinforcement (a PA system). Lighting requires a chat. I have £5M of public liability insurance (PLI).

Event TypeMinimum SizeMaximum Size
Music StageNo real minimum, but I tend to decline pub/bar gigs where the PA can’t be kept clear of guests.300-500 indoors or outdoors (potentially more for lower-key outdoor events)
WeddingNo real minimum, but I need space for equipment, which varies by requirements300-500 indoors or outdoors, for speeches, disco and/or live music and dancing
Corporate events and seminarsNo real minimum, but I need space for equipment, which varies by requirementsUp to 1,000 for amplified speech indoors. Projected images 50-150 people depending on seating arrangements.
Outdoor field event -sports, exhibition, fundraiser etc. – voice announcementsNo minimum, but I probably want my vehicle on site throughoutc. 1,000 people, but subject to a site plan or survey to verify cable runs, layout etc. and other factors

All events are subject to adequate power availability, vehicle access and proper shelter.

Alternative Providers

If I can’t cater for your event scale, or I’m already busy, check out my list of southwest sound and lighting providers.