Real and Fake Sennheiser e945 Mics

Here are some things to look for if you’re trying to establish if your Sennheiser e945 mic from eBay is fake or genuine. It could be hard to tell from the listing photos, and beware anyone using stock photos for a used item.

Warning signs also include low ‘Buy It Now’ prices, and sellers with little or no feedback selling several of these mics at one time. However, people who’ve been caught out buying a fake may try and disguise their error by trying to re-sell a fake at the normal price for a genuine item.

Click my photos to see larger versions of one of my genuine mics next to a fake I returned.

The only thing inconsistent between my two genuine samples of this mic were the markings on the white identity stickers on the capsule.

The bag zip thing is the easiest to spot if you’ve only got poor photos to go on, but I’m not sure this is 100% consistent.

Sound qualityRich, full, clearLack of bass
Massc. 360g (to spec)c. 330g
Body textureSmoothFine ribs
Fixing screw on bodyNearly flushRecessed
Branding paintSlightly pearlescentPure gloss, may have
rough edges
XLR socketEasy to use
Has WEEE symbol
(wheely bin)
Stiff to remove plug
No WEEE symbol
Mic bagZip on top front
(although not always)
Embossed paint logo
Zip on edge
Thin paint logo
Mic clipTextured insideSmooth inside
CapsuleSennheiser logo
in plastic
No logo in plastic
Various differences
(see photos)
Mic basket colourSoft blueCyan-grey
IMG 0833
Real mic on the left, fake on the right
IMG 0836 1
Genuine capsule. Note Sennheiser logo on the plastic, and fine wire not neatly coiled.
IMG 0839 1
Fake capsule. No Sennheiser logo in plastic. Neatly-laid wire. Different glue. Rough edges on the plastic. Loose fit to the locating tab in the grey holder.
IMG 0838
Capsules side by side. Genuine on the left. Fake on the right.


Sennheiser updated their logo in 2017. The packaging and mic should match one of the logos exactly. If it doesn’t, be suspicious.

See 1000 Logos for images of the Sennheiser branding.

Older e945s have the Sennheiser logo the same way up as the other writing. Newer ones have it the right way up when the mic is standing on its socket.

e945 Sennheiser pre 2017
Pre-2017 Branding
e945 Sennheiser 2017 on
Branding 2017 on. Images copyright Sennheiser.

Recourse & Solutions

In fairness to PayPal and eBay, you should be able to conduct a return and/or get your money back. Sometimes PayPal disputes end in your behaviour by default when the seller doesn’t respond to a challenge, but that causes a delay.

I fear some dodgy sellers repeatedly resurface with new accounts (but zero feedback).

Of course, you could change where you buy, and stick to new/ex-demo purchases from main dealers. However, I’ve bought good, legitimate mics on eBay at 30-60% less than the new price. Be cautious (or bid low) on equipment that doesn’t look cared for. Check a seller’s feedback. Look at the seller’s other items to establish whether they look like a bona fide private seller or a credible dealer.


3 responses to “Real and Fake Sennheiser e945 Mics”

  1. I’m just amazed it worked at all – albeit poor or lack of bass. Could it be useful for anything?

    I think when they say “if it’s too good to be true – it probably is.” !

    1. Christopher Wilson avatar
      Christopher Wilson

      One problem is that the fakes are being resold at prices that would be plausible for genuine items. When 3 mics look similar but one performs poorly, I don’t want the poor one in my kit. Also, I don’t want to reward the scam!

  2. Richard Dudley-Smith avatar
    Richard Dudley-Smith

    I wish I’d seen this before I jumped on a “bargain”. It’s clearly a fake from your pictures and I’m not even going to bother plugging it in!

    Thank you,